Our clients are diverse businesses, organizations and individuals engaged in all facets of Canadian and International business.cutout

About Us

Our Clients

Our clients are diverse businesses, organizations and individuals engaged in all facets of Canadian and International business.

The Mowbrey Gil Group prides itself in accommodating the specific and individual needs of our clients with the resources of our firm:

A single point of entry is provided to every client, large or small, no matter what the sophistication to ensure the relationship is personal and meaningful

We build relationships.

Multiple points of entry are provided to serve larger private enterprises  when required – typically owner managed and family businesses – requiring the sophistication, knowledge and expertise to assist in executing their business plans: planning, implementing, and managing complex corporate structures, and providing the professional infrastructure required to meet the needs of our clients

We build teams.

We provide traditional core services: accounting and auditing services coupled with annual income tax compliance.  This is the core of our practice and it serves the most fundamental need of every business enterprise

  • From the most basic engagement for a start-up enterprise

  • To complex audit and income tax issues for multi-tiered international organizations operating elaborate corporate structures
  We tailor our core service offerings to meet the specific needs of each of our clients.

We meet your needs.

We provide specialized services.  Where the Mowbrey Gil Group distinguishes itself is in the offering of our special services group servicing the non-traditional needs of independent business: income tax minimization, estate and succession planning, business valuation, business plans, financial projections and forecasts, litigation support, wills and estates, business acquisition, divestiture, and succession, and much more... 
Our full suite of services is described under the “Services” area of our website.

We exceed expectations.

Our clients come to us from a variety of sources, a wide array of industries, and varied degrees of wealth, experience, resources, and expectations.  However, most common to the Mowbrey Gil Group are:

  • Clients needing greater sophistication or resources than their previous accounting advisors could provide (they have outgrown their previous accountants)

  • Clients wanting closer relationships with their professional advisors – finding our service philosophy meets that desire

Your business is our only business.

Our Team

Our team of accessible professionals is dedicated to assisting our clients set and achieve their objectives by providing assurance, financial reporting, and innovative tax and business advisory services.

Client Orientated Commitment to Service Excellence

Our team approach ensures that complex transactions and businesses receive the level of professional service they require.

Our personal service provides our clients with a single point of entry into our firm and ensures that our clients receive the attention they deserve.

Innovative Solutions Meeting Individual Needs

We promote leadership and support mentoring to build excellence and commitment in pursuit of our goals. We communicate openly and we share knowledge to cultivate opportunities for professional and personal growth.

We care for and are accountable to one another. We celebrate success and reward achievement. Our environment is flexible attracting talented individuals who share our desire to provide the highest levels of professional service.

Dedicated to Professional Excellence

Mowbrey Gil distinguishes itself as a new breed of business and taxation advisory firm of Chartered Professional Accountants. We are:

Large enough to offer a full and comprehensive range of traditional professional services

Small enough to keep our relationships personal and meaningful

Traditional in providing core services – accounting, auditing, and taxation services

Innovative in providing specialized services – business valuation, litigation support, merger and acquisition, estate planning and business succession
“Our Mission is to use our knowledge, experience and our expertise to create value for our clients, create opportunity
for our team and contribute to
our communities. ”

The tools we employ to further our Mission are:

  • Accountability

    we report to our clients and stand by our professional services in terms of both client service and service excellence

  • Active Sharing

    our team members share their professional experiences and their training with each other on a regular basis. Such sharing within our team ensures that our clients benefit not only from our experience, but from the experience derived from activities with other clients in complimentary and like industries

  • Collaboration

    our team works with our clients and their team ensuring that our services meet their needs providing a collaborative environment from which to work

  • Commitment

    ours is a client orientated commitment to service excellence

  • Communication

    we advocate open and honest communication among our team members and with our client

  • Leadership

    every member of our team is a leader within their own sphere of influence and is urged to promote direct client contact. In this manner, we each have an opportunity to learn from each other and thereby maximize the best interests of our firm

  • Learning

    we encourage continued learning beyond the scope of our professional requirements – professional excellence is derived not only from what we do, but also from who we are

  • Teamwork

    our personnel work together as a single unit to provide clients with a seamless single point of entry experience with our firm. This ensures our clients have full access to our services without disruption